Sunday, July 27, 2008

Will this blog continue? The choice is up to YOU!

Alright well I've come across a lot of schoolwork/work/homework/otherwork recently. That's why I haven't updated in a while, and I apologize for that.

I'm thinking of either continuing this blog and/or starting up another blog which is going to be a lot more simple (i.e. just one or two sentences a day. You'll see why it works once I start it up)

So, if you want me to continue with this blog, Gross Incompetence, I need to know you're out there and you're listening. I kinda would feel stupid if I'm blogging and moaning about all this stuff and no one's listening.

So, if you're listening, and would like to see more of GI, then please respond. Otherwise, I'll just start up the other blog and send this one off to the Blog Burial Grounds.

tl;dr: If you're a reader of my blog, were annoyed that I haven't updated in a while, and want to see more of my blog, then please leave a comment telling me so. Otherwise, I don't know I have loyal readers that enjoy my work, and will shut down this blog, and possibly open up another one. Deal? Deal.

Thanks a bunch,

P.S. If I make the new "simple" blog, I'm posting the link here =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No Post Today

Surprise, surprise, eh?
Nothing too incompetent today except for a traffic light that turns green for like, three friggin' seconds. I'm not even kidding. Had to wait TWICE at the same stop light.
Overall Gross Incompetence Rating:

Anyways, the reason for no post was also because I worked all friggin' night on a music video for youtube.

Warning, contains spoilers for WALL-E. Do not click unless you've seen the movie.



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vending Machines

The idea of vending machines is cool. When you're out and about, and you're starving or thirsty, all you have to do is pay a machine a few dollars or so and you get a good snack or drink that can take the hunger pangs (pains?) or thirst away while you sit in class or work and study

As far as I can tell, vending machines should do two "constructive" things. (These are not like consuming electric energy--that's "destructive" so that it can do these other "constructive" things)
First, it should provides food and drink quickly to a hungry and thirsty population.
Second, it should provides cash/economy/jobs/etc. for those who install the machines and sell the machines the product, etc.

Looks like everyone wins! NOT!!

Unfortunately, not only are REAL vending machines grossly incompetent at providing the general population with food, they are likewise incompetent with providing the "investors" with the money the receive from the population.

Take note:
FIRST OF ALL, in the "population" side of its incompetence, it either:
-doesn't have the change necessary to supply you with a product
-it either is out of your said drink/food (and for drinks, you realize this AFTER you put the two bills in, so you get a buttload of change back)
-It GIVES YOU THE WRONG PRODUCT. (this happened to me just recently!)

HOLY CRAP. I have around $7 of bills (2 $1's and 1 $5). A drink costs $1.50. So, since I want a diet cola (for the taste, not the actual "diet"-ness of it), I slide the only two $1's I have in, I press the diet cola button, and the idiot machine spits out a friggin' WATER.
Now don't get me wrong, water's great. I just wasn't as THIRSTY as I was looking for a TREAT. And many of you know very well that certain types of brands of water taste mildly bad when you're looking for a treat of a drink. (Obviously this isn't true when you are literally THIRSTY.) Anyways, I'm pissed off, and go to class with a stupid water as opposed to my lovely diet cola.

Now, I guess you could say it's the person who loads the machine that is incompetent in this last one. Well, I'll just group the entire "Vending Machine System" into incompetency for this one.

SECOND OF ALL, for the "Investors" side of incompetency, vending machines provide, I'd say, abut 30% of the revenue they could truly be taking in from the general population. Know why? Two reasons.

For one, vending machines ONLY TAKE SILVER COINS (i.e. no pennies) AND $1 BILLS. God forBID if you try using a five. It'll spit that thing back so fast your head'll spin around.

Second, PEOPLE DON'T CARRY AROUND PHYSICAL MONEY THAT MUCH ANYMORE! True, people may have dollar denominations because they just bought something with some cash they withdrew from an ATM, but people are withdrawing less and less money from the bank and are using their debit and credit cards more and more. I know I am.
And the only time you prepare and actually withdraw money from the bank is when you're going somewhere that you KNOW doesn't accept credit/debit cards, like a carnival or fair. There's no way in heck I'm withdrawing "vending machine money" from the atm. Not only is that a complete waste of my valuable time, it's also not going to work anyways, since THEY ONLY TAKE $1 BILLS, NOT TWENTIES.
I'm reduced to being a homeless man half the time, should I even be lucky enough to have a higher denomination on my hands.
And of course, no one does. And I must go on being completely and utterly hungry/thirsty until I can go home or to a fast food joint.

The Vending Machine people should just install a credit/debit card reader on the front of the vending machine. The profits will go up a THOUSAND PERCENT, I GUARANTEE IT and people will actually get the convenience out of vending machines that vending machines promise, i.e. THEY'LL GET FOOD AND DRINK WHEN THEY'RE HUNGRY AND THIRSTY, not when they're just LUCKY enough to find a dollar bill in their wallets/purses.

Overall Gross Incompetence Rating:

Monday, July 7, 2008

People Who Do Something Stupid And Ruin That Something For Everyone Else

I remember way back when in gradeschool, when I would be sitting around in class doing nothing except hearing my stomach rumble.

If I haven't told you already, when I'm hungry, I get HUNGRYYYYY. Those commercials with the kid running around in a Sasquatch suit trying to find the Spaghetti-ohs? That's like me, only I'm a lot older and a lot more crankier when I can't eat.

Anyways, I remember sitting in class and just WISHING that I could take my lunch out and eat it in class, but unfortunately I couldn't. There used to be no rule that said "No Eating in the Classroom"--but now, there was. Know why?

Because some IDIOT SPILLED HIS FOOD OR DRINK IN CLASS and now the rest of us couldn't eat, in FEAR that it might happen again.

I'm not blaming the teacher or the powers that be here--they dealt with a huge spill before and don't want to have to clean it up again--especially with the ant problem that that part of town had. One SPECK of crumb would attract ants by the hundreds.

I can eat cleanly. I can drink without spilling. I could back then too.

Unfortunately, since some MORON couldn't, now I couldn't either. THANKS A LOT, WHOEVER YOU ARE.

By the way,
this didn't stop in elementary school. Oh no.

At my work, we can't give out air-filled basketballs as prizes anymore, we have to tell the people who win them as prizes that they have to go home and fill them themselves. Know why?

Some IDIOT KIDS went and started throwing them around, and accidentally hit people in the head with them. We can't have that because of liability issues and sue-happy people (actually in this situation, it's a rightful case, but only against the person who threw the ball at you), so now NO ONE gets pumped up basketballs.

Also, I can talk on the phone, or text, or at least just check my text messages on the road without going all crazy changing across four lanes and crashing into someone. In fact, I've never been pulled over, and I've only been in two accidents (Only ONE of which had me as a driver--and even then I was pulling out of a parking space and lightly tapped another car.)

Yet, because some stupid idiot can't understand the concept of KEEP EYES ON ROAD AND GLANCE AT PHONE as opposed to KEEP EYES ON PHONE AND GLANCE AT ROAD, now I, along with all other Californians cannot listen to our phones or check messages or do ANYTHING with a hand-held device (i.e. not hands-free) while driving.


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Sunday, July 6, 2008

People Who Need Simple Things Explained To Them

Whoopsie! I fell asleep last night and couldn't do my blog post till late tonight (I'm away from home/computer between 10am and 10pm today and many other days, which includes yesterday).

And yes, I am changing the post date to yesterday. This is for me, so I can find my posts easier.


What I was going to say before I was so RUDELY interrupted by sleep: I live in America. If you do not live in America or similar country, then if this next post applies to you, don't worry, you aren't incompetent. As far as this goes. ANYWAYS. As you know, I work in a local popular theme park. I do stock items from time to time, and apparently one of the items is a plush tarantula, as a prize or whatnot. However, something struck me as odd. And it's not the fact that Tarantula is spelled wrong--I would have spelled it wrong too.
See if you can spot it:


To those who actually don't know that tarantulas are spiders: HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER ROCKS FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS?! I seriously must have seen tarantulas in TV shows, Movies, and at SCHOOL at LEAST 50 times in my life. To think that you haven't even heard of them ONCE just BOGGLES MY MIND. Good GOD, next you'll be telling me you've never heard of Pizza.

People who can't understand stuff like this need to go read a book, seriously. Why in the GOOD LORD'S NAME would you not understand that a TARANTULA IS A SPIDER?

Overall Gross Incompetence Rating:

"Official" Movie Books/Posters/Etc. That Get Facts Wrong

(This is one of the last times I'm doing this, because if you haven't already seen the movie, that's your problem) So I bought some of the WALL-E merchandise recently. I know, it's ironic that I'm buying merchandise from this movie, considering the plot. Oh well.

Anyways, one of
the pieces of merchandise I bought is The Intergalactic Guide to WALL-E.

On the most part, it's good. I have a small beef with it though, namely that it doesn't go very deep into the robots that aren't shown constantly throughout the movie (i.e. it doesn't go into and talk about the Umbrella Bot)--it simply follows the movie and gives slightly "in-depth" comments on the movie, which means it's saying nothing more than what I already saw in theaters.
I do really like the drawing inside the cover though--it's of all the little parts of WALL-E, and how they fit together. If you want that picture, BUY THE BOOK. lol

Anyways, that's just my beef with the book. One thing incompetent about it is this:

Maybe it's because I saw the movie several times, but I know for a fact this isn't the scene where WALL-E sees EVE being taken away--it's the scene just at the beginning of WALL-E going back to work the day after his and her "first date" together.

Now that's just small time incompetency. This next one is sure to blow your mind:


Finally, we have one more that will probably dumb your socks off:

Yes, it was the holding hands, but it was also the small spark robot kiss that jolted WALL-E's memories. It could have been both, imo, but I know that the hand holding is nothing without the spark.

I'm appauled, really. These people should know the movie BETTER than I do, not LESS than I do! It's like they watched it once, not ever having anything to do with making the movie beforehand, and then just sit down to write a book about it, having only seen it ONCE. The people making the book should have been the SAME PEOPLE who made the story in the first place (or at least should have payed more close attention to it while watching it)! Good lord.

This, being an official book for WALL-E, was the last place I ever thought of looking for an incorrect WALL-E plot in it.

Overall Gross Incompetence Rating:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

People Who Confuse "Lust" with "Love"

This is one of the things that bugs me most about today's society. Everything is about sex, and very little is about closeness, attachment, and lifelong commitment.
Let me give you an example.
"I just wanna use your love toniiiiight....
I don't wanna lose your love toniiiiight..."
No, sir, that is not love you want, that is sex. A more appropriate song would be:
"I just wanna use your body, toniiiiight....
I don't wanna lose your body, toniiiiight..."
...Although I don't think it has that same ring to it.

It's unfortunate how the word "love" is being devalued in our world today. 50 years ago, it meant so much more than it does today. It used to mean "I'd die for you"--that is, "I'd die a horrible, painful death, so that you might live and not have to experience that, and be able to live on and love our children and our family, as if I were there as well."
I doubt most people using love flippantly as they do today would ever think of doing that for the one they "love".

Here are a few examples of true love:
-Pam & Jim from "The Office" (US version; don't know about UK version)
-WALL-E and EVE from "WALL-E"
-99.9% of men and women who are still married for close to or past 50 years of their lives, into their old age

Here are a few examples of NON-true love:
-99.9% of all Hollywood relationships
-99.9% of all high school relationships
-relationships where the main/only activity is sex/making out

Now, the people who confuse lust with love aren't necessarily incompetent at existing, but they are definitely incompetent ant living. And yes, there is a big difference between just existing and LIVING. And these people are absolutely missing out on life, seeing as they aren't finding true love.

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